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Zinc (Zn)



This is one of the most common supplement staples. Zinc’s a little sensitive when it comes to absorption, with many common factors causing excessive loss of zinc such as stress, alcohol, cigarettes, gastrointestinal and digestive disorders and chronic diarrhoea.



CARE FACTOR: Deficiency can be associated with acne, brittle nails, impaired wound healing, loss of taste and smell, low sperm counts, poor concentration, increased incidence of colds/flus.

ON THE DAILY: The RDI for Australian adults is 8 to 14 mg/day.

ON A PLATE: Shellfish, red meat, eggs, milk, sunflower seeds, wholegrains. Oysters are the richest source of zinc, with one oyster (50 g) providing around 8 mg.



ENEMIES: Excessive calcium competes with iron for absorption, so excessive calcium can be problematic. Alcohol and some prescription meds may also inhibit absorption


Winter Sign

Frequent illness and slow-healing wounds


White spots on nails


Vitamin A, B6, D, E and magnesium




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