9. Sue Radd

Australian nutritionist Sue Radd, co-author of Eat to Live, says that it is not necessarily what we eat that causes ill health, but what we are leaving out of our diet.

Radd says that the missing link in most Western diets is phytoestrogens - natural plant protectants - found in a range of common foods from fruits and vegetables to nuts and soy products.

By including a healthy balance of phytoestrogens, Radd believes that we can protect the body against disease, including osteoporosis, heart disease and prostate cancer.

Radd's top tips

  • Your diet should be based on a wide variety of plant foods in order to get the complete spectrum of health-giving phytochemicals.
  • Include plenty of nuts and legumes in your diet.

9. Dr Michael Elstein

Australian anti-ageing expert, Michael Elstein, has led the way in the use of ‘super-nutrients' and natural hormones such as DHEA and HGH to stem biological aging and the diseases associated with growing old.

In his book, Eternal Health, Elstein looks at how to combat free radical damage, how to improve brain function and sexual vitality as well as the healthiest way to lose weight.

Elstein's top tips

  • Eat yoghurt and take probiotics for good bowel health.
  • Take digestive enzymes in order to maintain good intestinal health.
  • Take addition vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid. These help the body deal with raised homocysteine levels, improving the health of your heart.

Finding a Nutritionist to help you

There are thousands of nutritionists currently practising in Australia. Not all will be suited to your needs. Ask about their areas of interest and tell them of your concerns before deciding if they are the right match for you. While all nutritionists will have a broad understanding of general nutrition, they will also have their areas of expertise. If weight loss is what you are after, go to a nutritionist that specialises in weight loss. If food intolerance is you concern, see a nutritionist with experience in that area.