Boost your health by including these Japanese staples in your diet




A rich source of calcium, zinc and iodine, nori is a great snack – on its own or in sushi. As with most sea vegetables it contains a significant amount of sodium so if you’re on a low-sodium diet don’t overdo it.t!



Fat free and low GI, soba noodles are a healthy accompaniment to stir-fried vegetables. When it comes to eating soba, purists believe that simple is best! Cook noodles according to instructions on packet and serve cold with a soy, horseradish and shallot sauce.



Ginger has long been revered for its anti-nausea effects, but it has also been shown to reduce blood pressure and boost circulation. Pickled ginger is a sweeter alternative to raw ginger and is a great addition to salads and sandwiches.



The quintessential BBQ sauce. Low in fat and full of flavour –  teriyaki sauce is an excellent marinade for salmon, chicken and beef, or a sweet dressing for a simple butter lettuce salad. Serve with steamed brown rice.



Made from soya, tofu is a low-fat form of vegetarian protein that can help reduce blood cholesterol levels and may relieve some of the symptoms of menopause. Choose tofu that has not been genetically modified.