With winter around the corner, creating healthy versions of traditional comfort foods are one way to stop yourself from eating unwanted calories! We rework some traditional favourites:



It’s a traditional winter favourite but lasagne is packed with hidden calories from carbs and fat. Reduce the fat content by using low-fat cheese and replace the traditional creamy white sauce with low-fat ricotta. To achieve a sauce-like consistency mix the ricotta with some low-fat milk and simmer for a couple of minutes. Bulk the tomato sauce up with capsicum, carrot, eggplant and zucchini. For a low-carb option, use less lasagne sheets, and more sauce. Canned lentils are a healthy alternative to mince sauce and can be added to a basic tomato sauce for a low-fat and protein-rich option.



Finished with a generous dollop of double cream, apple pie is a winter favourite for most of us. Creating an ultra-healthy version of this winter staple will only leave you unsatisfied so we’ve decided to meet you halfway. In a medium fry-pan, caramelise sliced apples and a tablespoon of water until they turn a golden brown. Place apples (they will be slightly cooked, but not stewed) in a baking dish and top with a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, breadcrumbs, flour and oats. Bake on a high heat for 20 minutes, until the oats turn a golden brown. Serve with low-fat vanilla custard or yoghurt.


Green curry, roti and steamed jasmine rice may be a great winter combination, but is unfortunately high in fat and calories. Try a simple stir-fry with cashews, chicken breast strips, curry powder, garlic and green vegetables. Serve with steamed basmati rice and microwaved pappadums. For an extra dose of protein and good bacteria, add a dollop of natural yoghurt.


Protein – yes, good for you – no! Instead of the traditional method, try a baked chicken breast coated with a light batter of breadcrumbs and oregano. Ditch the chips for a spinach and avocado salad and a side of cous cous.



Made in the traditional fashion, this dish can contain as much as 500 calories per serve. Low-fat bacon (rindless) is available at most supermarkets and is just as tasty as its full-fat counterpart. The eggs are simply irreplaceable, but you can substitute the cream for low-fat cream or carnation milk, which has a sweet, nutty flavour. Increase the nutritional value of this dish by adding some cooked zucchini and mushrooms.