Nutritionally, when it comes to beating comfort eating, Burrell says it's all about portion control. "Don't surround yourself with packets of biscuits and big blocks of chocolate. If you know it's there, you're going to have difficulty stopping yourself from eating it," she says. Instead, make an effort to choose foods that are portion-controlled - for example if chocolates are your poison, opt for a packet of individually-wrapped portions - or if unwrapping numerous bars is not enough to deter you, have a cup of low-fat hot chocolate instead.

Diet experts often discuss the importance of everything in moderation, but if you're prone to comfort eating, there is nothing worse than having the common offenders on hand. If biscuits are your vice, make it as hard as possible for you to get your hands (or mouth) on them. This may mean banning them from your house altogether, or only opting for low-fat options. There are plenty of low-fat or low-calorie options available, and because most of us consider these foods to be 'good', the likelihood of indulging in them is somewhat low. Let's face it, when we seek food for comfort, it's the 'bad' type we turn to, not the healthier options. But by having some of the healthier options on hand Burrell says that we can eliminate the guilty aftermath of comfort eating.