An estimated 10 per cent of Australians suffer from coeliac disease. Yet, many gluten-free products are propped up by extra fat paired with pitiful fibre counts, warns nutritionist Susie Burrell.

PureBred - gluten-free and low fat - Women's Health & Fitness


If your tummy does flips at the thought of a flour tortilla but you can't stomach sub-standard fare, check out the new gluten free guard that does gourmet with a capital G.

Made to a secret sourdough recipe, PureBred gets around the handicaps of most gluten-free products.

The boutique bakery brand’s white and multigrain farmhouse loaves, sandwich rolls and seeded rolls contain about half the fat and up to three times the fibre of leading GF breads. Available at Coles or

FYI: March 13 to 20 is Coeliac Awareness Week

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