Worried about blowing the diet on a three-course, boozy 
client lunch? Don't be. Here are some expert tips to help you stay on track.


BEWARE: The vino. Not only does booze put the brakes on torching your meal, being trolleyed doesn’t scream ‘promotion’.

The best advice for these situations is to avoid excess consumption of alcohol; when you’re trying to impress a client, nothing looks worse than slurring over your lunch and tripping over your napkin when you make a less than graceful exit from the table. Try alternating one glass of wine with one glass of soda/tap water, while trying to consume more soda or tap water than wine. Alternatively, if the situation calls for alcohol consumption, try vodka, lime and soda or vodka and tonic; this will allow you to avoid unnecessary sugary mixer drinks and additional calories.

BEWARE: Unnecessary calories (like complimentary table breads)

Three course meals in themselves can be a killer to any low calorie diet plan. Bingley-Pullin recommends avoiding the complimentary table breads as “these will add unnecessary calories to your daily consumption”. Also try to avoid the deep fried options and choose those that are baked or grilled. Avoid the big pasta/rice meals, if possible, and try to choose a high protein option where possible. This can include baked fish, grilled chicken, grilled beef or steak or a seafood option that isn’t fried. Also, a vegetarian option may be lower in calories.

BEWARE: The dessert

“Lastly, although the dessert menu looks great, its best to avoid them, ask for a low fat flat white or cappuccino if you would like to remain sociable.”

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