Go for taste over quantity - Christmas Day diet tips - Women's Health & Fitness

6. Monitor portion sizes

Go for taste rather than quantity. Try a small selection of your favourites rather than piling your plate high just because the food’s there.


We have so much food while others have hardly any. Being aware of others in need, either in your own community area or in other countries, can switch your approach. Instead of embracing a day of gluttony, you’ll be inclined to save some food for those who really need it.

Pack up some care parcels and take excess food to homeless shelters, or to those in retirement homes without any family. Reach out to a neighbour or someone less fortunate and share what might have been an overflow. If you know there’s always too much food, ask some people to skip bringing a plate and instead donate the money to an overseas aid charity, to fund fresh water or much-needed food. Suddenly that extra slice of fruit cake seems a bit excessive, huh?

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