Dietitian Lisa Simpson reveals her silly season survival tips for 2012

Christmas diet tips - Women's Health & Fitnes


1. Never arrive at a party ravenously hungry. Ensure that during the day you have had three meals and some healthy snacks.

2. A hangover is not an excuse to avoid exercise. Lessen the intensity and increase the duration (swap a fast run for a long walk).

3. If you are entertaining at home, there is no excuse not to have healthy options on hand. Provide summer fruit platters, seafood platters, crudités with hummus and tzatziki, lean meat, salads and grilled vegies.

4. Don't stand near the buffet... Mindless eating may occur, especially if you've been drinking!


5. Avoid bowls laden with salted crisps and sugary lollies


6. If drinking alcohol at a party, alternate each alcoholic beverage with a glass of sparkling mineral water.

7. If you are in charge of organising the work Christmas party, why not make it an active one? Head to the beach or park for some volleyball, frisbee or cricket. Pack healthy hampers and sunblock!

8. If the room is spinning when you get home after a party, drink at least two glasses of water to rehydrate.

9. Cheese and crackers are NOT a meal. You are best to have a meal that includes lean protein, salad and vegetables.


10. If hosting a party, provide loads of non-alcoholic options. Lime and soda water, vegetable juices and iced water with sliced citrus fruit.

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