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3. Repair muscle tissue and promote muscle adaptation

Long training sessions result in the breakdown of muscle tissue. Taking in protein after a workout provides the amino acid building blocks needed to repair muscle fibres and promote the development of new muscle tissue. Although protein requirements vary between individuals, consuming 20-25g of protein within an hour after exercise can help the muscle rebuilding and repair process.

The table below provides a list of carbohydrate rich snacks that also provide a protein source.

Nutritious carbohydrate and protein recovery snacks

•    1 bread roll with cheese/meat filling + large banana
•    300g fruit salad with 200g flavoured yoghurt
•    300g creamed rice
•    250-300ml milk shake or fruit smoothie
•    600ml low fat flavoured milk
•    1 large bowl (2 cups) breakfast cereal with milk
•    2 small cereal bars + 200g flavoured yoghurt
•    220g baked beans on 2 slices of toast
•    2 crumpets with thick spread peanut butter + 250ml glass of milk
•    300g (large) baked potato + cottage cheese filling + glass of milk

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