Bircher muesli - The TRUTH about muesli - PHOTO - Women's Health & Fitness


An ultra gourmet take on muesli, Bircher has become the weekend cafe brekkie du jour. And while it does have heroic aspects, fans may overestimate its health cred and underestimate its calories.

Mueslis have this health halo, that is, they are often perceived as being quite healthy. [But] due to the addition of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, fruit juice, yoghurt, sweetener and oil or butter, the kilojoules quickly add up,” Deppeler cautions.

Often soaked in yoghurt or milk, which equals bone-friendly calcium, Bircher’s embellishments can also make it high in kilojoules. As such, Deppeler advises sticking to a serving size of half a cup – particularly if you’re watching your weight.