Make sure your TV dinner scores for nutrition by using this handy checklist


Forget chicken casseroles containing less poultry than a tofu turkey – things are heating up in the frozen food aisle, where gourmands are getting in on meals that stack up in the edibility stakes.

But how can you make sure your TV dinner scores for nutrition?

When purchasing a frozen meal, look for:

•    250 to 300 calories
•    Less than 4g of fat
•    Less than 800 mg of sodium
•    At least 1 cup of vegies
•    ½ to 1 cup of brown rice or whole wheat pasta
•    ¾ cup of lean meat, fish or chicken, or beans/lentils

And finally, don’t eat it out of that crummy plastic container – you’re less likely to be satisfied than if you serve it up on a plate with vegies and salad.


  • Chicken - 46%
  • Beef 12%
  • Pork 4%

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