Post detox

Once you have completed your toxic elimination, return gently to solid food, concentrating mainly on fruit, vegetables and a little lean protein. For the two weeks after your apple fast, keep wheat and dairy products to a minimum. Try to avoid sugar because of its empty calories and its tendency to produce insulin resistance. Limit your intake of red meat and commercial grain-fed chicken, because they may contain hormones and antibiotics. It is also wise to avoid caffeine, since it has many ill effects on the body's digestive system. Refined foods high in sugar and white flour, such as white bread and food containing trans fats (commonly used to make deep fried foods such as french fries) should be strictly avoided in the following fortnight.
With summer here to greet us, you can be ready for all the action with vibrant clear eyes, glowing skin, glossy healthy hair and a natural aura of pure health. For this bikini season, will you be the rock that redirects the course of the river and bring about amazing good health and wellbeing?

Side-effects of detoxing

Dramatic changes can be seen as accumulated waste is expelled, as the body rids itself of toxins. Some of the side effects you may experience from detoxing are:

  • Short bouts of headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Body Odour
  • Bad breath
  • Change in bowel movements
  • Cold sores

Benefits of detoxification

  • Digestive tract is cleansed of accumulated waste and fermenting bacteria.
  • Liver, kidney and blood purification can take place that is not possible during regular eating patterns
  • Mental clarity is enhanced as chemical and food additive overload is reduced
  • Reduced dependency on habit forming substances such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drugs
  • Stomach size is returned to normal as bad eating habits can be stopped
  • The hormonal system is enhanced, which is especially true for growth hormone
  • Immune system is stimulated

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