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Healthy cocktails

Cocktails have always been fun and decadent, but there is no reason they can’t be reasonably healthy too! Here are some delicious and healthy cocktails you can serve at your next party.

The classic dirty martini is 100 per cent liquor, which means it is fairly low in calories (but shouldn’t be attempted on an empty stomach!). Ensure you use top shelf vodka, but if a flavoured variety is all that’s on hand, be careful of added sugars. The obligatory olives contain essential fatty acids for good health.

Combine top shelf vodka with your favourite flavoured Vitamin Water, and for a bit of fizz add some diet soft drink and lemon juice. Vitamin Water contains various vitamins depending on the flavour you choose, and adding this instead of creamier mixers will keep your guests’ waistlines in check.

Combine top quality wine and brandy, add some fresh fruits and serve cold. This is a refreshing cocktail that people will really enjoy. Plus the fresh fruits will provide a healthy dose of vitamins and fibre.