Your brain doesn't work efficiently when you're stressed. In fact, over time, chronic stress can shrink important parts of your brain.

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So next time you're feeling under the gun, uptight or nervous, make the right food choices to turn down the tension.

Stress-less breakfasts

Porridge: "Oats are rich in a fibre known as beta-glucans, which help to drive blood cholesterol down," says Saxelby.

This fibre provides a slow, steady release of energy to keep your brain chemistry and blood sugars stable, but steer clear of the 'one-minute' varieties, which don't have the sustained energy effect.

"Quick-cooking rolled oats are cut into small pieces before being steamed and flattened thinly, so they cook quicker but have a higher glycemic index as their starch has been processed," Saxelby adds.

Wholemeal toast: High-fibre breads provide you with more B-group vitamins, which are thought to help stabilise the nervous system and may become depleted when you're stressed to the eyeballs.