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The day when you can’t fill up, no matter how much you eat
If you feel as though you have worms, here’s an off-the-wall thought: you probably haven’t eaten enough. How much we need to eat can fluctuate from day to day and what was enough yesterday may not cut it today (behind the scenes your body might be using up more energy to crunch the sales numbers or repairing the muscles you pulled playing beach volleyball).

This is the time to listen to your body, not your math brain, otherwise, physiology almost guarantees you’ll overeat later – and not necessarily helpful foods.

What the pros recommend

Newham advises ensuring you have snacks with ample protein – look to nuts and seeds, or even dried fruit. You could also get in on the protein shake buzz to curb your hunger. If you feel like a bottomless pit for more than a couple of days, you may need to up your fibre intake.

“Try munching on raw vegies such as broccoli, carrot or cucumber throughout the day,” Newham says. Of course, nobody ever died from eating a cookie (that we know of), so if you actually feel like a cookie – for reasons other than nagging hunger – go ahead. To promote satisfaction from one, not 20, “eat it slowly, enjoy the flavour, the feel, the smell, the experience,” says Dr Harwin. “Eating it slowly gives you time for your brain to realise you’re not hungry. You can also try eating a salad first to fill your stomach.”

Words: Jessica Colacino and Kara Landau

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