Breakfast should contain berries, nuts and protein - Women's Health & Fitness

You may not be burning much energy physically, but mentally you need to stay focused. Your brain uses a lot of glucose so it’s important to maintain adequate blood sugar levels.

Naturopath and IsoWhey educator Danielle Newham recommends that your breakfast contains berries, fruit, and yoghurt, with a quarter-cup of low fat muesli to sustain your energy.

“Making sure you eat regularly is key; you should snack on dried fruit, apples or bananas to make sure you maintain your focus.” Try to take 10 to 15-minute breaks to help re-oxygenate your body.

“You will be surprised how much more work you get completed,” Newham says. Dr Harwin also warns that the changes in your blood sugars from not moving regularly will affect your work and increase cravings and the risk of eating something unhealthy. “This can further result in an energy crash in the near future, followed by the food cravings and the cycle continues,” Harwin says.