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The full-day 
The most important thing is to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day, says Bingley Pullin. “This is really important to maintain your focus through a long day of complex understanding.

Your secondary goal is making sure you get enough nutrients when you do eat, so you'll need to snack every three hours and include nuts, seeds, dried or even fresh fruit. This will provide protein as well as a small amount of carbohydrates to sustain blood sugar levels throughout the day.” Harwin advises an early start on the morning you know you will be flat chat.

“Get up earlier and have a hearty breakfast with healthy protein, low GI fruit/vegies and good fats.” This will provide a sustained feeling of fullness and help to keep your blood sugar on the level all day.

Although foods brimming with fast-acting sugar may give you an instant energy hit, over a long day they can drop your blood sugar, meaning poor concentration, hunger pangs and sweet cravings.  Also remain hydrated throughout the sessions. Dry air from air conditioning as well as just talking for long periods can dehydrate you so make sure you have a jug of water handy to sip.