Work stress ruining your diet? With a bit of planning you can eat well despite a crazy schedule.

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Dr Libby Weaver, author of Accidently Overweight, says many poor workplace food choices stem from stress or boredom – cue desktop M&Ms. Skipping meals also promotes reactive or ‘emergency’ eating when your brain lets you know it needs glucose. Now. Even if it’s a two-day-old Danish.

“Much overeating comes from emotional pain, boredom, not being mindful, seeking energy,” says Dr Weaver. If you are a stress snacker, she suggests finding another way to deal with what’s going on: a five-minute walk or stretching in the park at the end of the street can resolve the need that would have been met by a giant cookie.

Choosing the fight food

Eating optimal foods at certain times can not only fire up your grey matter, but has flow-on effects for other dietary choices; what you choose to eat for afternoon tea can directly impact what you’re inclined to choose at dinner – and how much discipline you are able to exercise. (If you’ve ever felt like someone’s forced you to stop for takeaway fettuccine, you may have made the classic mid-arvo mistake of snacking on refined carbs.)

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