Are this year's self-styled super foods worth the hype? Food guru David Wolfe investigates.


Sprouts - 10 new superfoods foe 2014 - Women's Health & Fitness


What is it?
“Sprouts are an excellent source of free form amino acids,” Wolfe says. “Sprouts are great for detoxification and rejuvenation and are much richer in rejuvenating enzymes than raw fruits and vegetables – in some cases 100 times richer,” Wolfe says. “Sprouted broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are an excellent source of geno-protective sulforaphanes and an excellent source of fibre.”

What do you do with it?
“Sprouts are an excellent food and excellent as a juice,” advises Wolfe.

Is it super?
“No, unfortunately sprouts don’t have enough extraordinary properties to consider them a super food,” states Wolfe. A 2010 Copenhagen University Hospital study supports Wolfe’s suggestions. During the research, 40 patients with high blood pressure ate 10 grams of dried, enriched broccoli sprouts for four weeks but data showed no significant improvement in the health of their blood vessels or atherosclerosis risk.