There’s so much conflicting diet advice in health circles, it’s no wonder we’re confused. Charmaine Yabsley dispels your most troublesome food myths.

Ditch the bread - 10 food rules made to be broken - Women's Health & Fitness

If you want to lose weight, lose the bread

Like its other white cousins, potatoes and rice, bread has had a hard time of it in recent years. Yet it seems that cutting bread out of our diet doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be slimmer.
A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that carbohydrates are not responsible for weight gain.

According to the author, University of Virginia professor Glenn Gaesser, “People who consume high-carb diets tend to be slimmer, and often healthier, than people who consume low-carb diets. Eating sandwiches with white bread, or an occasional doughnut, isn’t going to kill you, or necessarily even lead to obesity.”