Here some tips for using up your Christmas leftovers with these selection of dishes that make the most of all your hard work!

Pork or turkey green salad

1. Christmas pudding – cut those serving sizes in half by serving yourself a bowl of natural yoghurt and use the pudding as a topping, instead of the other way around. You still get a taste, but without the mammoth serve.

2. Leftover meat – skip the pork sandwiches and whip up a lovely green salad in the warmer weather. Serve your pork or turkey on top for a great source of protein.

3. Use leftover turkey slices as sandwich wraps – fill with lettuce and cucumber as a perfect protein snack to keep you going.

4. Mince pies – if you really need another one, chop it in half and save the rest for later. Otherwise, scoop out the filling and ditch the pastry.

5. Boxed chocolates – seriously, how many of these can you gather over the Christmas season? Choose one box you really love and re-gift the rest!

6. Pack up take-home leftover lunchboxes for your guests – minimise the amount of leftovers you have to sort through in the first place.

7. Keep going with your vegies – make sure there are plenty of vegie dishes to enjoy in your house to minimise time spent on dessert and huge portions of meat.

8. Add lean turkey and fresh greens to your breakfast omelette for a great start to a beach day.