The lovely Jenny Belobrajdic is our 2013 cover model!

See behind-the-scenes footage of the WHF team picking the winner.

"It’s so exciting to be the first ever WH&F Cover Model winner! I’d like to thank the team at WH&F for making this happen and giving me the amazing opportunity to show you all how simple it is to live a healthy lifestyle just by following a few easy steps.

You don’t have to spend eight hours in a gym or even be a member – simply use your surroundings. This may be the beach, ovals, stairs, hills and even your own home, which is the perfect workout zone for cold or rainy days. If you don’t have weights, you can easily substitute with water bottles or even your own body weight. Of course, living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, not extremes or rigid rules. To keep it simple and fun, commit this to memory: Eat right, exercise and, importantly, have fun!" - Jenny Belobrajdic

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