After the birth of her third son, Amy Campbell discovered the drive she needed to succeed and get back her pre-baby figure.

Amy Campbell June 2013 BodyBlitz winner - Women's Health & Fitness

I decided to enter the BodyBlitz 12-week challenge after the birth of my third son, having gained approximately 15 kg. I wasn’t getting much sleep, I had zero energy and my diet was whatever I could grab between the school run, kinder and looking after a newborn. Still, I was determined to get my pre-baby body back. I have tried many times to get back to my goal weight but something always came up and I always found an excuse.

Once I sent in my before photos I told myself this was it. I was going to get my pre-baby body back and stick to it this time until the end. After a few weeks of eating healthy, filling (non-processed) foods and taking my daily walks, I started to notice I had so much more energy and my weight was just falling off. I already feel so much more comfortable within myself and can wear my old ‘pre pregnancy’ clothes, but I would love to be able to buy a complete new wardrobe.

Although I am still not quite back to my pre-baby weight, I am well on my way and will be keeping up with a walking routine and healthy eating plan. This time I will get back to my goal and have the body I want. Add to that an upcoming beach holiday, where I want to feel comfortable in swimmers and to be able to look at the photos afterwards and be happy with what I see.

I have always been a pretty healthy person and have loved my exercise but found it very hard to keep up with my regular routine with having this new little person around, who I absolutely adore. I have now found he is excellent at helping to keep me on track – pushing the pram around is a fantastic way to sneak in some incidental exercise! For the first six weeks of the challenge, I was walking one-and-a-half hours, three nights per week around our very hilly suburb. Plus, I was also doing two RPM (cycling) classes a week. Now I am trying to walk most nights as well as tow to three classes at my gym.

One of the biggest challenges was having guests over. We are very social people and love to entertain during the summer months. Unfortunately, I can’t control what our guests bring to share. I just have to be strict with myself and learn to stay away from the bad stuff. I find that after a few days of no ‘bad food’, I can easily resist the urge to eat it. I am so much more comfortable now and I am a happier mum and wife.

My knowledge of food and exercise over the past 12 weeks has made a huge difference. I have done a lot of reading about the benefits a ‘clean’ diet, and found it very easy to stick to and, much to my surprise, I was never hungry. It’s pretty simple when you think about it: eat the right foods and exercise and your body will thank you for it. It doesn’t take long to start seeing the changes.

Meal plan
Breakfast – Banana smoothie with vanilla soy milk, natural yoghurt and oats
Snack – A few almonds and a piece of fruit
Lunch – Omelette with ham, cottage cheese and vegies
Dinner – Chicken breast salad with balsamic dressing and baked potato wedges
Desert – Yoghurt with berries (occasionally)

Exercise routine
Exercise consists of an hour walk (mostly uphill) five nights a week and three to four days a week either in the gym doing Sh’Bam or a Pump class, or the following in my lounge room around my three kids…
• 10 x push-ups
• 10 x tricep dips
• 10 x lunges
• 10 x squats
Four sets of each

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