Samantha Beaumont lost 6 kilos when she took on the BodyBlitz 12-week Challenge. Read her inspirational story.

Samantha Beaumont BodyBlitz winner - Women's Health & Fitness

My journey started four years ago, when I was at my heaviest weight of 91 kg. I decided to get my life back under control. I was really down and had no motivation for life. I managed to lose two kilograms and get to the top of my ideal weight band in five months by following a very strict eating plan, and in the next couple of years I managed to maintain this weight by watching what I ate and incorporating incidental exercise into my week.

Over the years, I have always read WH&F, and started to think I should challenge myself further and do a 12-week challenge, which I did. I completed two challenges, but never got the results I wanted. I realise now that although I was good with the nutrition, I was not working out with enough intensity.

Health scare

In 2012, two family health scares also helped me to reassess my own lifestyle and furthered my motivation to lose weight. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and my dad was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. This was a huge incentive to give myself my best chance and become fitter than I have ever been, and try to ensure I did not go down the same path. I wanted to make sure I was the strongest I could be so I could support them.

After much research, 
I purchased the Ideal Bodies Online Blueprint Program, and made a commitment to myself to follow the program to the letter and give it 100 per cent. No excuses.

12-week challenge

In the early weeks I was finding it hard to get the motivation to do the exercise, and was concerned I was not training with the intensity required, but I continued to trust that I was armed with all the information to be successful.

I didn’t lose weight for a week, and in another week I actually put on weight, which really shook me. I just kept reminding myself to keep going, and that my body was also changing on the inside. The support of my husband and my friends was also enormously important.

At about week eight I really started to see changes in body shape, and could feel all the work paying off. I was starting to fit into clothes I had never been able to wear before. My friends and family began to notice and gave compliments, which was great motivation to keep going.

By week 10 and 11 I was starting to hurt, and I felt fatigued, but all the hard work was showing and I felt amazing! Overall I lost six kilograms, but I am absolutely amazed at how the shape of my body has improved.

Finishing the program has given me such a sense of achievement and I am really proud of myself. I have found a program that I can incorporate into my busy life and will continue on this path to improve and maintain my health and fitness.

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