With depression looming, Hannah Leuthart took a proactive approach to improving her health and wellbeing, enjoying a new found sense of empowerment. 

Hannah Leuthart after the 12-week BodyBlitz challenge - Women's Health & Fitness

I have three beautiful boys aged five, three and 14 months and have always felt very blessed to have them. But when I was pregnant with baby number three, depression started hovering around me. I thought it was pregnancy hormones. It took me nearly nine months after he was born to admit that I was in trouble. I was in such a dark place that I wasn’t sure how or if I would be able to bring myself out. All I knew was that I didn’t want to hurt my children.

After speaking out and telling my family, I got the support I needed. Once I came out of the darkness, I knew I needed to be proactive in making myself feel good.  My weight had piled on, so every time I looked in the mirror I was disgusted and hated myself. My nutrition was terrible. I was eating comfort foods like chips, cake and chocolate, and drinking a lot of alcohol. I felt sick and miserable. 

Hannah Leuthart before the BodyBlitz 12-week challenge - Women's Health & Fitness

I knew that if I committed to a 12-week program with support, I could effectively change my life. I signed on with Ideal Bodies Online. They gave me a nutrition and workout program and I had Jacqui Oulton as my mentor. It was really daunting at first, but the exercise made me feel empowered.  It took me about four weeks to understand which meals worked for me and I learned how to listen to my body, to nurture, nourish and also that it is okay to have a rest.  Around week five I had the flu and had to take the whole week off from training. It was so hard to do, I was just itching to exercise but looking after myself was more important than losing weight. I have a healthier outlook on life now and even ran in my first  five-km fun run in 36.43 minutes. I am very keen to do another 12 weeks with IBO when I return from a family holiday, so that I can get muscle definition and increase my fitness. I will be a new me in the New Year.


Breakfast: ¼ cup oats, 35g blueberries, 40g banana, ½ cup cottage cheese and two tbsp LSA (a combination of linseed, sunflower seed and almond)   
Snack: 150g fruit and 1/2 cup cottage cheese   
Lunch: 125g dry-roasted chicken breast sprinkled with Italian herbs and cayenne pepper, salad or steamed vegetables and 1/2 cup rice or 120g sweet potato or an apple.  
Snack: Two poached eggs and 20g Barilla pesto (yum)  
Dinner: 150g chicken, steak or fish and steamed vegetables or fish. I have my meals on a little plate, so it looks like I’m eating heaps and  always feel satisfied after. Also, dry-roasted baby Roma tomatoes added to my salad with just a squeeze of lemon juice and pepper.

Monday: Legs and arms
Tuesday: Incline walking on treadmill 50 min and abs  
Wednesday: Chest, back and shoulders
Thursday: 50 minutes interval training and abs  
Friday: MRT (metabolic resistance training) and 20 min cardio
Saturday: Run 5 km and abs  
Sunday: Rest    

I did all my exercise at home as I don’t have time to go to the gym (my fiancé starts work most days at 6am), so I put the baby into bed at 11am and quickly get to it.  It helps knowing this is the only time to train; if I don't do it then I won’t be able to and will totally regret it.

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