Letting go of the idea of 'perfection' was key to Rachel Wantuch's weight loss success

Rachel-Wantuch - December 2012 BodyBlitz winner - Women's Health & Fitness

I’ve officially lost count of the number of times I’ve entered the BodyBlitz challenge. I’ve entered and given up, entered and not committed fully, entered and chickened out after taking photos…the list is endless. Finally, this year, I decided to give it another shot. The past 12 months have been challenging, personally and for the waistline! Our family suffered a blow last year with my father involved in a near-fatal skiing accident. He underwent emergency brain surgery, weeks in ICU and months in hospital, which proved to be a highly stressful and difficult time for our family. This (along with hospital cafeteria food) took its toll on all of us. For myself, severe anxiety set in and exercise and healthy diet went out the window.

Before I knew it I was miserable and at my heaviest weight to date (pictured below). I felt unfit, unattractive and at an all-time low. With life finally starting to get back to some kind of routine, I decided to reconnect with Sue Heintz at Ideal Bodies Online. I had completed a program previously and was keen for a fresh start. My feedback coach Maxine has been pivotal in helping me alter my mindset and providing a non-judgmental ear for all my insecurities and endless questions. While I always found the workouts enjoyable, it took me a few months to really get my head around the nutrition side of things. Learning to eat more when it seems we are always told to eat less for weight loss seemed like a paradox and one that took some getting used to. I started to tackle new meals, and once I started to feel a bit more confident in the kitchen, I decided to take the plunge and enter the BodyBlitz challenge again. It has certainly been a huge learning curve!

Danielle Marchi before BodyBlitz 12-week challenge - Women's Health & Fitness

Throughout the past 12 weeks, something I’ve had to work very hard at is letting go of the idea of perfection: perfect diet, training, etc. I’ve learnt to embrace consistency and have faith that what we do on a consistent basis makes the real difference. If I fell off the wagon, so to speak, I simply moved on rather than getting too hung up on it and throwing in the towel altogether, as I would have been inclined to do in the past. And there were certainly days when diet and training were far from perfect. Added to this were days that if I was feeling particularly stressed, my appetite bottomed out and I struggled to get through all the food on my plan. Maxine was a fantastic support and during these times really helped to shift my focus from what I couldn’t do and helped me to learn to focus on what I COULD do. Along with this came learning to not compare myself to others and that this was my personal journey and mine alone.

To appreciate that everyone is different and changes to body shape and fitness is a very individual response. Bit by bit I noticed the changes starting to take place; my boots were easier to zip up, the notches on my belt went down and soon after, the numbers on the scale started to follow suit. I gained the confidence to head back to pole dancing classes (which I love!) and even tried my hand at aerial silks, incorporating these activities into my fitness regime. Before I knew it 12 weeks had flown by and I could fit back into my skinny jeans! But the fun doesn’t end here! New goals and challenges are being set as we speak and for the first time in a very long time I am excitedly looking forward to the future with renewed enthusiasm.

Danielle-Marchi - after BodyBlitz 12-week challenge - Women's Health & Fitness

Meal 1: Oats, protein powder, sultanas, water, cinnamon
Meal 2: Rice cakes and cottage cheese
Meal 3: Beef and vegetable stew with brown rice
Meal 4: Protein shake and celery with hummus
Meal 5: Chicken or beef and vegetable satay
Meal 6: Yoghurt and diet jelly (if hungry)

Monday: Legs, shoulders + cardio
Tuesday: Pole dance class
Wednesday: Back, rear delts, biceps + cardio, evening latin dance class
Thursday: Cardio interval training
Friday: Chest, triceps, calves + cardio
Saturday: Interval/steady state combination (if time and energy permits)
Sunday: Rest

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