Lauren Jones’ fitness journey has been life-changing, not only for her, but those around her.

Lauren Jones - October 2012 Bodyblitz winner - Women's Health & Fitness

My initial motivation to take this step was during a regular personal training session where I accepted I was becoming more and more frustrated with my body image. Despite feeling quite fit, I knew I wasn’t entirely happy with what I saw in the mirror.

It was then that I decided to begin my journey with the support of my personal trainer, Brad Mathieson of Health Mania Maryborough, and it was game on! At that time I was totally unprepared for the journey I was about to undertake. However, being aware of a time line to complete this challenge certainly strengthened my resolve and proved to be the incentive I needed.

Under the guidance and support of my personal trainer, an exercise and nutritional program was planned and reviewed on a weekly basis. As the weeks passed I began to see changes in myself, which proved greater incentive to push harder as well as enjoy the challenge I had set myself.

As the program began to ramp up, training went from full body parts and cardio six days a week, to training individual body parts and double cardio sessions. My nutrition regime became stricter and I was conscious of days when I needed to overcome mental and physical fatigue. Now more than ever my objective is firmly set in my mind and has proved to be the drive I needed to get through the sessions, determined and striving ever closer to my goal. On days like these my trainer would remind me that “if wasn’t hard, everyone would be doing it Loz.”

As part of my accountability to myself I recorded my daily food intake and training sessions, as well as keeping an account of measurements with photos as a means of documenting my progress.

During my transformation, I was unaware the impact I was having on others around me. This became apparent at the gym after a weight session when a friend approached and said ‘you have motivated me to take on my own weight loss challenge and avoid another knee reconstruction’. I thought wow; this is why I love the fitness world! I’m undoubtedly aware of the positive impact it can have on people lives. There’s now a group of women who are actively facing their personal weight loss challenges head on.

I intend to develop a career in fitness and I have completed my Certificate in Fitness and gained a Level 1 CrossFit Certificate over the past six months. As a result of these studies I have an understanding of the basics of health and fitness, however, the last 12 weeks has given me valuable personal experience which I can now share with others willing to embark on their own transformation of body and mind.

My gratitude goes to my partner, family and personal trainer who where there to support me through the trying times, always providing encouragement to see it through to the end. I am naturally a strong-minded and totally committed person so for me failure was certainly never an option.

Daily Diet Plan
Meal 1: 1/3 cup oats & Cinnamon
Meal 2: Kangaroo fillet and Udo’s Oil
Meal 3: Chicken, Green Salad/ Veg & Udo’s Oil
Meal 4: Fish & Green Salad
Meal 5: Fish, Green Veg & Udo’s Oil
Meal 6: Green Salad



Morning: Cardio (30min HIIT) & Weight Training
Evening: 40-minute Power Walk

Morning: Cardio (30-minute Power Walk)/Weight Training
Evening: Weights/40-minute Power Walk

Morning: Cardio (30 minutes of HIIT)/Weight Training
Evening: 40-minute Power Walk

Morning: Cardio (30-minute Power Walk)/Weight Training
Evening: 40-minute Power Walk

Morning: Cardio (30 minute sof HIIT)/Weight Training
Evening: 40-minute Power Walk

Morning: Cardio (30-minute Power Walk)/Weight Training
Evening: Netball Game

Morning: Cardio (30min recovery walk)

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