Kim Saflian took charge of her diet and exercise once and for all with the help of a naturopath and personal trainer.

Kim-Saflian - Bodyblitz winner - Women's Health & Fitness

I have entered the BodyBlitz challenge before but didn’t finish. This pretty much sums up my fitness and weight loss efforts from the time I had my second child six years ago. I would start with the best of intentions, have a small win, then never follow through.

I was sick and tired of feeling sorry for myself, of hiding in the back of photos and not going out because I was ashamed of how I looked. I knew I had to make a change and follow through and just keep on going until I was ‘finished’. For the first 18 months after I made that decision, I yoyoed by losing and regaining around four kg. I had a gym membership and used it; training like a demon but felt completely lost with nutrition. None of the eating plans or diets seemed to fit. One had too much dairy, which left me feeling sick, another had too few carbs, which left me with cravings and too tired to train properly. I saw a naturopath who prescribed a course of vitamin and mineral supplements to address the deficiencies that had developed over years of poor eating and not looking after myself.

Then six months ago, I realised I was just not getting anywhere, so I mixed up my program, got a PT, made some diet changes and finally started to see some results. I knew that this was it – there was no way I was giving up this time around. I joined the 12-week challenge knowing I was going to finish and knowing that I had the dedication to stick with a strict diet and training plan. I wanted to take my training and diet to the next level and I felt the 12-week challenge was excellent motivation to do this.

I counted macronutrients every day and weighed in every week. Eating the correct volume of food was not always easy. Some weeks I would feel extremely hungry and want to eat everything in sight, others I would struggle to eat enough, feeling like I would explode if I ate another gram of protein. The ‘diet’ was tweaked numerous times until I came to a happy medium. I think I annoyed my friends a fair bit too – they seem to think I am a walking nutrition guide now. If they want to know how many grams of carb/protein/fat is in something, they just ask me!

My training program was originally focused heavily on cardio, but an injury that prevented me from doing any high impact moves saw me switch to more strength-based work.

I have learnt so much about my body and about health and fitness in the last 12 weeks. I’ll have that knowledge forever. Just knowing that I have the power to change myself through controlling what I eat and how I train is a major revelation. I have also learnt just how powerful the right support can be. Having people around me who believe I can achieve my goals and support me in what I am doing helps me believe in myself. It’s also made me aware of how I support my friends too. Hopefully I can help others as much as other people have helped me.

Exercise Plan
Monday: Cardio – cycle class
Tuesday: Personal training
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: Weights – pump class
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Bikram yoga
Sunday: Rest or something fun

Meal Plan
Meal 1: Herb turkey breast, 2 eggs whites and wilted spinach in a mountain bread wrap
Meal 2: Greek vanilla bean yoghurt with berries
Meal 3: Boiled chicken salad with beetroot, leafy salad mix and sweet potato
Meal 4: Apple and 15 almonds
Meal 5: Baked salmon with brown rice and green vegies

*Protein shake after training
Treat: 2 pieces of organic dark chocolate with no added sugar

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