Being the mother of two teenage daughters has its difficulties, but Tammy Hunter has decided to take it head-on, being a role model and transforming her body.






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After years of being disappointed in myself for not finishing any of my health goals, and quickly approaching 40, I decided on a new goal: to give myself a break. I was putting so much pressure on myself thinking I had to be perfect that I was overwhelmed by such a big goal, I did nothing, and ended up further away from it than when I first started. So for the past year, I have let go of all expectations and started listening to my body instead.

By starting from the inside out, I became so energised and realised that this is what normal feels like! I started walking in mornings, not only for exercise but also as a stress-free time of reflection, time to spend slowing down and really enjoying life and being grateful for everything I had. It had been such a long time since I felt like I had so much energy – I was so scared it was going to disappear again.
I decided to take the next step and re-enter the BodyBlitz challenge. I needed to have something to work towards and this elusive title now felt within reach. My one goal for the BodyBlitz challenge was to just complete it, as that has been really difficult for me in the past. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it alone, so thought about the people in my life who have the qualities I longed to have myself. I received help from my good friend Rose Black – the 2014 Ms World and Olympia PNBA Physique champion – and, with the continuous help and support from my friend and nutritionist Jennifer Price, I started getting my health on track.

I am so glad that I have been able to follow through with this challenge and actually finish. I am also happy with where I am and where I am heading in the future, because the sky is the limit. My favourite quote is ‘Failure only happens when you quit trying.’ It might have taken me 10 years to do it, but patience and persistence have finally paid off. I have two teenage daughters and I am driven by the hope that I am teaching them how to be kind to themselves and to treat their bodies the way they need to be treated, so they can gain confidence in who they are as they grow older and become their own women, which I think is so important.

This has been such a wonderful experience, such a confidence booster, so much so I felt like a winner regardless of the outcome of the BodyBlitz challenge. Becoming a monthly winner has definitely given me the drive to continue so that I may be in the running to become the annual winner. That would be such an honour, and feels like a bit of a dream, but makes my heart beat faster with excitement.

I am feeling so good, so strong and so happy that I don’t know how I would ever go back to what I was doing before, which was basically nothing. I have since lost more weight and centimetres and enjoy getting out the measuring tape each week.

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