Kass Fraser- Weight loss winner - BEFORE & AFTER SHOTS - Women's Health & Fitness

On food swaps:
I was forced to follow a very strict diet and rehabilitation program, both pre and post operatively, for the last four years. In this time I’ve tried everything from low carb, no carb, low GI, meal replacement shakes, etc., and they all had benefits, but with most of these diets came the mental anguish of missing out and feeling like I was on rations. I found myself constantly thinking of food, every waking moment of the day!

I also struggled with increasing my calorie intake through food and upping my carbs. It went against everything I understood about weight loss, but the more I trained, the more fuel my body needed and the more I had to eat. I can’t believe it’s taken me until my mid 30s to understand the concept of eating for nutrition and energy instead of eating not to get fat or fatter, which was my previous belief.

On treats:
When I had the odd treat I had Coles Simply Less dark chocolate or a Skinny Cow ice cream. But honestly, after the first month or so, I rarely craved sugar. It’s like I’ve magically turned the sweet switch off. I wasn’t counting the seconds to the next meal like I had experienced on  past diets.Throughout the challenge I had idealised the final day as my binge day to celebrate finishing the challenge, but it has rolled through, business as usual. I think this may be my biggest achievement to date as I’ve changed the way my brain works and it feels amazing.

On measurements:
Measurements are absolutely essential. When I looked at myself in the mirror I couldn’t really see my progress, and we all know the scales can lie depending on what time of day you sneak a peek. So for me the tape measure was my only real guide on how far I was coming. I did full-body measurements on waking up at the start of each week. I also took photos around halfway to see if there were changes, but I’d recommend taking your own personal photos weekly for self-motivation. I wish I had, as I wasn’t very good at celebrating my smaller milestones. I also kept a workout diary, as I was shocked how much my strength increased, especially at the start.

On goals:
In the start it was all about losing weight and having a great body, but once I started it was evident that I actually loved the way clean eating and hard training made me feel, and that became the life changer. It’s not until you experience how you feel when you eat clean and train hard and how efficient your body becomes that you have a comparison. I doubt many would give this feeling up; I know I can’t go back!

I have signed up to do another challenge, then I want to go back to study and do my diploma in remedial massage and my PT certificates, as I’d like to, one day, have my own fitness/rehab business, combining training and massage to achieve all levels of fitness goals. I feel I’ll be able to relate to my clients, as I’ve been full circle and experienced all the highs and lows weight loss, rehab and now training has to offer.

AM: Fasted cardio (30 min HIIT), weights (legs, biceps, triceps).
PM: Clinical Pilates (30 min reformer)

AM: Fasted cardio (30 min HIIT), weights (back, chest, shoulders)
PM: Clinical Pilates (30 min reformer)

AM: Fasted cardio (60–90 min moderate intensity)
PM: Clinical Pilates (30 min reformer)

AM: Fasted cardio (30 min HIIT), weights (legs, biceps, triceps)
PM: Clinical Pilates (30 min reformer)

AM: Fasted cardio
(30 min HIIT), weights (back, chest, shoulders)
PM: Clinical Pilates (30 min reformer)
AM: Fasted Cardio
(60–90 min moderate intensity)
PM: Clinical Pilates (30 min reformer)
Clinical Pilates
(45 min reformer)

Breakfast: 50g oats; protein powder, a tablespoon of Greek or natural yoghurt, ½ cup of berries; OR two to three eggs; one cup of vegetables; one slice of rye toast

Snack: Protein shake with water OR a small piece of fruit and eight almonds

Lunch: 100g protein (tuna, chicken, etc.), two cups green vegetables or salad, ½ cup grains and a wrap bread

Post workout: protein shake with milk (on weights days); protein shake with water (after cardio)

Dinner: 150g protein (fish, chicken, beef etc.), two cups low-starch vegetables or salad

Snack: Protein shake with water OR ½ cup berries with a tablespoon Greek or natural yoghurt.