Does it cost money to enter?
No. It's free to enter.
What are the banned substances?
Banned substances refers to any illegal, performance enhancing substances that would give the entrant an unfair advantage over others. The protein and amino acid sports supplements, such as those available from health/ sports shops and advertised in our magazines, are okay to take.
Do you provide a diet and exercise program?
No. As entrants have different starting weights, fitness levels and goals, we do not provide a diet or exercise program. If you do need advice, we recommend you consult a qualified professional such as your GP, personal trainer or dietitian. Check out this site for useful tips and information. Take advantage of our special subscription offer today.
Is it too late to enter the competition?
No. The BodyBlitz Challenge is ongoing, so you can enter at any time.
Can I access my measurements?
Yes, you can access your profile online once you have signed up to the challenge.
I have entered before and would like to enter again. Is this permitted?
Yes, but you must wait a year from your entry date. Grand Champions cannot re-enter.
I have had to stop my BodyBlitz part way through. When can I send in a new pre-entry?
You must wait three months from your challenge withdrawal date before re-entering the Body Blitz Challenge. Please let us know so we can remove you from the challenge.
I entered Body Blitz but never completed the challenge. I did not load any post entry photos and I let my entry lapse. When can I send in a new pre-entry?
If you did not contact us to officially withdraw from the challenge, your entry would’ve lapsed at the end of the 12 weeks. Therefore you must wait three months from your original finish date before re-entering.
Do I have to wear a bikini?
While wearing a bikini/speedos is not essential, it does allow the judges to see your transformation more clearly. Close-fitting shorts and crop-tops are also appropriate.
How will I know if I've been selected as a monthly winner?
You will be contacted via phone. If you are not chosen to be a monthly winner you will receive notification via email.